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As a branch of Judaism from 1843. In the early 10th century, Western monasticism, which had flourished several centuries earlier with St Benedict of Nursia, was experiencing a severe decline due to unstable political and social conditions resulting from the nearly continuous Viking raids, widespread poverty and, especially, the dependence of abbeys on the local nobles who controlled all that belonged to the territories under their jurisdiction. The impetus for the reforms lay in abuses thought to be a result of secular interference in the monasteries and of the Church’s tight integration with the feudal and manorial systems. Since a Benedictine monastery required land, it needed the patronage of a local lord.

Some monasteries were established by feudal lords with the intention of retiring there at some point. The Benedictine Rule, in these monasteries, was modified to schedule matins when it would not interrupt sleep and expanded the vegetarian diet. Monks in these houses wore richer, warmer clothing and were free to disregard the rules pertaining to fasting. In 910 he founded Cluny Abbey and asked Abbot Berno of Baume Abbey to preside.

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The Abbot of Cluny retained authority over the daughter houses his order founded. Peter’s monastery at Gigny and Baume Abbey on the rule as interpreted by Benedict of Aniane, who had sought to restore the primitive strictness of the monastic observance wherever it had been relaxed. The rule focused on prayer, silence, and solitude. Among the most notable supporters of the Cluniac reforms were Pope Urban II, Lambert of Hersfeld, and Richard of Verdun. Cluniac movement was one of the largest religious forces in Europe. At least as significantly as their political consequences, the reforms demanded greater religious devotion.

The Cluniacs supported the Peace of God, and promoted pilgrimages to the Holy Lands. In 1075 Robert de Molesme, a Benedictine monk from Cluny Abbey, had obtained the permission of Pope Gregory VII to found a monastery at Molesme in Burgundy. At Molesme Robert tried to restore monastery practice to the simple and severe character of the original Rule of Saint Benedict, called “Strict Observance”. Challenging the Boundaries of Medieval History: The Legacy of Timothy Reuter. Archived from the original on 2017-09-10. Southern, Western Society and the Church in the Middle Ages, London: Penguin Books, 1970. Reform is generally distinguished from revolution.

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