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Andrea Hirata with 534 thick book that contains a very interesting story. Ikal who start school with had to wait ten children who want to attend school. Anxiously, Ikal, Sahara, Trapani, Kucai, Syahdan, Mahar, Lintang, Borek, A Kiong, Bu Mus, Pak Harfan and their parents waited to see if there is one more person who wants to go to school in SD Muhammadiyah. Finally, a man fifteen years old witty and somewhat developmentally disable his ninth save SD Muhammadiyah. Ikal and his friends are very happy.

They were finally able to go to school in SD Muhammadiyah to achieve dream and goals with their friends in Belitong. Ikal, smart, brave and willing to learn to realize his dream. Bu Mus, woman who is very kind and many other figures. Style of language that used by Andrea Hirata considered good style and very interesting. Beside use Indonesia language he also uses Malay language that makes the readers look a little confused and have to think hardly to know the mean of the language. The plot of the story use a mix plot.

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